Education recruitment campaigns to suit all roles

MAT Recruitment's One, Two and Three education recruitment campaigns have been designed to meet you schools’ requirements, giving you a choice of what's included when you use our managed recruitment service.

All three campaigns offer exceptional results, tailored to reach different target audiences online and in major news outlets including education-specific publications.

So what's included in our managed recruitment campaigns? Please take a look at the features of all three below...

Recruitment Campaign 1

An exceptional managed recruitment service for education roles with broad coverage.

This includes:

- Branded and non-branded advertising on jobs boards and social media sites.

- Dynamic, optimised advertising to encourage maximum response rate.

- CV mining and headhunting across an extensive education network.

- Email outreach to passive and active job seekers with qualified suitability.

- Additional advertising purchased as appropriate to expand the field further.

We also conduct pre-interviews to ensure candidate suitability, including necessary due diligence, professional references and compliance checks, and can work with your HR team to bring the successful applicant on board smoothly.

Recruitment Campaign 2

This is our education headhunting campaign, which involves a highly focused approach to direct recruitment from education networks.

Instead of using advertising outreach, we target specific candidates and passive jobseekers within the education sector – it is often a good way to source applicants with relevant experience and a proven track record. This service proves very effective for those vacancies where the targeted headhunting approach is required to source passive candidates, as opposed to simply advertising the position.

As with recruitment campaign one, we will also conduct candidate screening, interviews and background checks to make sure they are right for the role and bring them on board without any problems.

Recruitment Campaign 3

Whereas Recruitment Campaign Two takes a targeted approach, Three reaches out to a wider audience with an advertising-only approach to give you the best exposure and well written ad placements for your budget.

Ideal for general education recruitment roles with wide appeal, where you just need to make sure your job listing is seen in the right places.

We use a dozen different jobs boards we have found to be most effective in the past, ranging from major national newspapers to general recruitment websites and education-specific jobs boards.

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