Put on your thinking cap for World Thinking Day

It's a line much-loved by primary school teachers, but in honour of World Thinking Day on Friday February 22nd, what can schools do to get pupils, teachers and school leaders alike to think about things a little differently?

The event is the brainchild of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, and operates in a spirit of friendship to encourage people everywhere to think about the issues the world is facing and to fundraise for a relevant worthy cause if they wish.

For schools it's a great teaching and learning opportunity that can tie into issues of gender and female representation, the cultures of other countries and general awareness of charity and giving.

How schools are involved with World Thinking Day

Schools in girl guiding countries all over the world can get involved with World Thinking Day - for example in Albania, where the movement is still in its relative infancy, girls from different schools are getting together to share in fun activities and pose for photographs together.

For schools in the UK, it could be a good chance to look at the representation of different genders among the teaching staff, or to talk with pupils about any subjects or departments that are particularly male or female dominated.

This might even raise some questions to consider when you are next recruiting new staff at all levels, from teaching roles to heads of department, and even school leaders and headteachers.

MAT Recruitment help you set the standard

At MAT Recruitment we believe in placing the very best candidate into the very best role - not only for the benefit of the candidate and for the school employing them, but also for the best possible educational attainment among the pupils who they will ultimately teach.

We are closely involved with schools ourselves - our managing director Marie is a governor of two schools in Liverpool and our director India is a governor of one, and this is just one of the ways in which we work closely with senior leaders and directors of education in our local area.

This is of course in addition to our teacher recruitment services which see us working with schools across the north-west and nationwide to place candidates into the roles where they are needed.

We would encourage all of our clients to take inspiration from World Thinking Day and take a fresh look at your recruitment policies - MAT Recruitment are here to help you get the best candidates possible into future roles, every time.

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