Get a head start on Headteacher Recruitment

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

The recruitment of a new Headteacher is one of the most important tasks a Governing Body can undertake. This critical appointment can determine the future success of the school. It is essential to give the process due care, thought and attention in order to get it right first time.

There are many ways in which a Governing Body can recruit a new Headteacher; however, it is crucial that the recruitment campaign should be fair, robust and rigorously executed. The costs of making an unsuitable appointment can be far-reaching, with a long-term detrimental effect on all of the stakeholders within the school and its wider community and a lasting financial impact.

How MAT Recruitment can help with Headteacher Recruitment

As experts in Leadership Recruitment, MAT Recruitment understand the financial implications of using external agencies, which is why we offer a market-leading Managed Service and Executive Search. Our service is designed to work in collaboration with the Governing Body or Central Team, and within the affordability of the school's budget. We only charge when a Headteacher is appointed, which also makes this a shared interest and a shared risk between all parties.

Our specialism in Headteacher Recruitment means we are able to support Governing Bodies, IEBs and MAT Boards throughout the recruitment process by offering an end-to-end managed recruitment service. We understand how difficult it can be to attract talented leaders in education and have a proven track record in successful Leadership Recruitment in an ever-decreasing talent pool.

We know from experience that the best approach to Leadership Recruitment combines research with extensive professional networking, prominent advertising of the best roles, and robust selection procedures that give the best possible chance of making a successful appointment.

What MAT Recruitment do for you

Our team of highly experienced recruiters work to enhance the exposure of your vacancy and encourage expressions of interest from the best applicants.

We have extensive reach through existing connections and our use of external advertising, plus the use of cutting-edge technology to further boost the visibility of your vacancy and drive applications from desirable candidates.

This does not happen in isolation - our rigorous pre-screening interviews and due diligence combine to create an unrivalled screening process to identify the candidates who are the best fit for your school. This process ensures that every applicant will embrace the vision, culture and ethos of your school.

MAT Recruitment Headteacher Headhunting

Our Professional Headhunting service approaches current Headteachers who are successful leaders but might not yet be considering their next career move. We engage with individuals with a strong track record of achievements and success in order to nurture and manage the recruitment process and encourage applications.

This increases the chance to make a successful and mutually beneficial appointment. It is also complemented by white-label advertising campaigns with excellent visibility across major publications, job boards and social media platforms.

If your school is looking to appoint a new Headteacher and you are considering your options as a Governing Body, or if you would like more information about our success in Leadership Recruitment and how the MAT Recruitment process works, please get in touch by emailing

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