Benefits for candidates to use agencies in a job search

Recruitment agencies help candidates in all sectors to find their next roles during a job search, but in the education sector MAT Recruitment stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Our unique teacher recruitment services mean candidates are able to access the very best opportunities the British teaching sector has available, and we work hard to put forward the best talent for each role too.

With our personal service, candidates feel like VIPs - we know this because they say so in their testimonials!

Unlike recruitment agencies that expect you to do all the hard work, we work closely with candidates to help you throughout the application process.

That means we go the extra mile, providing extra services like:

· Rewriting your CV to better showcase your achievements and past successes.

· Alerting you to new and exciting roles as they come in.

· Providing access to unique opportunities you will not find through online teaching jobs boards.

· Working with schools and trusts to create entirely new roles for talented candidates.

· Providing advice on interview technique and holding mock interviews to help you practise.

A lengthy job search can take a lot of commitment and confidence, but we work to make sure our candidates remain certain of their own abilities, evolve from any individual setbacks in the interview stages, and ultimately find a job that is the best fit for them, as soon as possible.

It doesn't end there - we keep in touch once you are in your new job, help to make sure you receive the support you need during your first days in a new role, and do our bit to make your experience a happy and positive one.

Best of all, we provide this service at absolutely no cost to the candidate. You get support and access to even better roles, and it costs you nothing.

We believe that by supporting you - whether that's writing a CV and practising interview technique, providing you with honest feedback, or working with schools to find and create a role that suits you - we deliver the best possible value for all of our candidates and the schools and trusts that ultimately employ them.

That's why our candidates are so often successful at interview, why they remain in their roles for longer once employed, and why our testimonials are so positive and glowing - and that's why you should consider an agency like MAT Recruitment for your next teaching job search!

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